Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation The Transparency Policy Project

Elena Fagotto

Elena Fagotto is the Transparency Policy Project’s Director of Research. She has been affiliated with the Project since its inception and her research focuses on information disclosure, regulatory policy and transnational regulatory regimes. She has analyzed dozens of US and international transparency policies and published extensively on the role of information disclosure as a regulatory tool and on institutional designs to make transparency more effective. She is a graduate of Harvard Kennedy School and LUISS University in Rome, where she teaches about transparency and innovations in governance. She has a PhD in Law and Economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam. She has advised the Italian government on how to improve accountability in public education through transparency. She has authored and co-authored several book chapters and original articles and her research has appeared, among others, in the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, the International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, the European Journal of Law and Economics, and Issues in Science and Technology.