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Transparency Policies

We have analyzed 18 important transparency policies. These policies aim to reduce critical public risks and improve government or corporate performance. Some are successful. Many fail.

For each policy, we summarize the purpose, legislative history, provisions, politics and dynamics. Click on the policy for a case summary. For a summary view on transparency policies, see the answers to our Frequently Asked Questions.

See our most recent book, Full Disclosure, for a more complete analysis of these policies.


1. Investor risks
2. Safer workplaces
3. Toxic pollution
4. Nutrition
5. Medical mistakes
6. Sex offenders
7. Drinking water safety
8. Restaurant hygiene
9. Auto rollovers
10. Terrorism attacks


11. Union corruption
12. Campaign finance
13. Discriminatory lending
14. Layoffs and plant closings
15. School performance


16. Protecting investors
17. Infectious diseases
18. Genetically modified foods